Cyberscare: Ex-NSA chief calls transparency groups, hackers next terrorists

The cyberscare, like the redscare or the greenscare of the ’90′s, is already under way. We’ve seen it take root with the fierce federal persecution of Aaron Swartz, the hefty charges and prison sentence facing LulzSec hacktivist Jeremy Hammond and the three-year jail sentence handed down to Andrew ...

Claim: Terrorists treated better than WikiLeaks suspect

Pfc. Bradley Manning faces a total of 22 charges - including aiding the enemy - after thousands of classified documents allegedly downloaded by the former intelligence analyst ended up on WikiLeaks.

Heartland ad pulled after comparing climate scientists to terrorists

Those lovely people over at the Heartland Institute have been forced to pull a billboard ad after claiming that Charles Manson, Fidel Castro and Ted Kaczynski are behind current climate change theory.

New technology to detect radioactive materials

Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have created a new prototype radiation detection device for use at ports, border crossings, airports and elsewhere.

Terrorists recruiting through Facebook, prof claims

Be careful who you friend: an Israeli researcher is claiming that international terrorist organizations are increasingly focusing on social media as a way of drumming up support.

TSA warns bombs can be implanted into bodies

Hmm. I wish I could say I didn't see this one coming, I really do. But I suppose it is the next logical step for would-be terrorists intent on blowing up airplanes.