Egypt foils internet terrorist plot

The Egyptian navy has once more succeeded in stopping the Sea People cutting off Egypt from the outside world.

Worldwide spam war breaks out

A spam-a-lam-a-ding- dong has erupted between a group dedicated to fighting spam and a Dutch outfit which hosts a few spammy sites.

AT&T hackers funded terrorist group

Four people have been arrested in the Philippines for a scam which diverted almost $2 million from AT&T into the bank accounts of a Saudi terrorist group.

Pair accused under Mexican terrorism laws for false tweets

A teacher and a radio presenter in Mexico are facing up to 30 years in jail for spreading false rumors on Twitter that gunmen were kidnapping children from local schools.

Congress slams TSA over security breaches

It seems like us civilians aren't the only people who have a problem with the TSA and airport security as of late.

Scientists give computer schizophrenia

Researchers at Yale and the University of Texas say they've made a computer schizophrenic - causing it to claim responsibility for a terrorist incident.

Spooks hunt for terrorists in WoW

Imagine resting comfortably in your college apartment or dorm only to have the FBI storm in and interrogate you about World of Warcraft.

Opinion: DHS shows their contempt for Americans via the web

The most controversial organizations last year were the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its subordinate, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Based on the hate the DHS has been spewing over the web recently, we can expect both groups to continue the controversy in 2011.

TSA humiliates cancer survivor, shows idiocy

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), or as I heard it called in a bathroom stall, the Tyrannical Sex crime Administration, is trying to dehumanize every group of people in America. Their latest victim is a cancer survivor and the blue gloved goons left him covered in urine.

Racial profiling doesn't add up

Statisticians at the University of Texas have demonstrated that using racial profiling to catch terrorists isn't just politically and ethically questionable - it's also not very effective.

US legislators want Jihadi websites taken down

The chairman of the US Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade wants Jihadi-oriented websites and content taken offline.

Researchers say they can read terrorists' minds

Northwestern University researchers say they have developed a system that can pluck details of planned attacks from the minds of terrorists.

Bomb-proof curtain expands during blast

A new material that gets thicker, not thinner, when stretched is being developed to provide better protection from bomb blasts.

Laser sniffs out hidden explosives from a distance

A British team has developed a low-cost laser that can detect hidden explosives from a much greater distance than existing devices.

Prepaid cellphones are dangerous weapons, say senators

The Times Square car bomber was aided in his attempt by the fact that he was wearing shoes, leading to a call from two US senators to make people register before buying footwear.

Crime: it's a dirty business

Forensic scientists now have a new way to track criminals and terrorists - through the germs they leave behind.

Device uses nose shape to sniff out terrorists

You can tell this idea came from a country where they're not big on plastic surgery. Scientists at the UK's University of Bath reckon that noses are a better way of identifying people than iris or fingerprint scans.