Terra Nova lives on as an interactive motion comic

Terra Nova will never get a second season, thanks a gigantic production budget, but the story can continue on in your imagination, with a little help.

Terra Nova will not be going to Netflix

A couple weeks back, we reported that the Producers of Terra Nova were making a pitch to Netflix to pick up the big-mystery dinosaur adventure show. Those talks concluded with no deal made.

Terra Nova may continue on Netflix

Fox recently decided against renewing Terra Nova for a second season, mostly due to the production costs associated with the show.

Terra Nova headed for extinction

Fox will not be renewing its dinosaur adventure show, Terra Nova. Yes, we’ve known for some time the popular series was on the list of possible shows to get chopped.

House makes room for Fox sci-fi

In what is perhaps bad news for fans of medical mysteries, Fox has decided not to renew House M.D. for a ninth season.

Fox looks to the future of genre programming

"We made money on Terra Nova, the studio made money on it, and the audience enjoyed it. The show looked fantastic... It's clearly a concept people wanted to watch. They had ample opportunity to reject it: they didn't."

The battlegrounds of Terra Nova

The first season of Fox’s prehistoric thriller, Terra Nova, is over after 11 episodes - which technically numbered 13 due to the two double episodes which framed the season. 

The secret sketches of Terra Nova

I enjoyed Terra Nova right from the start. A lot of cash has been poured into the sci-fi series, and it really shows in all the right places. The sets are beautiful, the characters interesting, and the effects outstanding.

The future of Terra Nova

The pilot episode of the long-awaited Terra Nova debuted on Fox this past Monday night. The show is set in 2149, on a dying Earth threatened with extinction due to heavily polluted air and extreme overpopulation. 

Welcome to Terra Nova

Fox has finally released a behind the scenes featurette for its upcoming pilot for Terra Nova, the much delayed, much anticipated science fiction series.

Terra Nova is way more challenging than expected

After much delay, Terra Nova will finally debut this September. However, the first season will only feature 13 episodes due to inordinately high production values.

This fall’s genre pilots and renewals

All four of the major networks have checked in and announced their fall line-ups.

Is Fox ruining Terra Nova?

Fox recently blamed the delay of its long-awaited "Terra Nova" series on visual effects that "required more time to be realized." At least, that was the official explanation.