Facebook and Google want you to shill for their advertisers

The great thing about social networks is that everyone on them is susceptible to becoming Soylent Green for advertisers. Facebook really doesn't give a damn about your privacy. Google just announced that it will take your Google+ reviews and chuck them up in ads. You won't care because fake friends are so much easier than real friends.

Instagram claims it's not losing users

Instagram has started releasing its usage figures following reports that the photo sharing site was hemorrhaging users over privacy concerns.

Instagram sued over new terms of service

Instagram has been hit with a class-action lawsuit following its decision to change its terms of service.

Instagram tries to talk its way out of disaster

Following yesterday's outcry over Instagram's radical changes to its terms of service, the company's attempting to reassure users.

Instagram plans to sell your photos to advertisers

In an astonishing demonstration of nerve, Instagram has declared that from next January it has the right to use your name and photos for anything it likes - including selling them to third parties for use in ads.

When lying about your weight is a crime

Former Department of Justice computer crimes prosecutor Orin Kerr has told a House subcomittee that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) poses a threat to civil liberties.

Sony tries to ban users from launching class action lawsuits

Sony has quietly updated its terms of service to prohibit users by default from launching class-action lawsuits.

Is "unauthorized" tethering illegal?

"Unauthorized" tethering remains a popular, albeit controversial practice in the United States. 

Twitter bans third-party ads to highlight Promoted Tweets

Twitter is banning third-party ads, saying it's all about preserving the site's integrity. So not about the money at all.