The Terminator to Return to the World of Video Games

Within the next few years, we may actually have a new Terminator film because Larry Ellison’s kids, Megan and David, currently own the rights to the character. They have until 2018 to get another Terminator film made before the rights lapse, and current plans have a new movie in the works for a June 26, 2015 release at Paramount. (If The Terminator does indeed get rebooted, it will make 2015 a very packed genre year with Avengers 2, Star Wars, and Batman Vs Superman.) 

Avatar sequel remains on track

Avatar hit theaters in late 2009 and became the biggest movie of all time, beating out James Cameron’s previous movie, Titanic. A sequel was obviously a given.

Lamenting Total Recall (the reboot)

Although the trailers looked fairly decent, the remake of Total Recall was probably one of the most embarrassing stiffs of 2012.