The electricity of The Legend of Korra

The first season (book) of The Legend of Korra recently came to a close. Fortunately, the show has thus far surpassed its grand predecessor.

Game of Thrones news clip crosses the bridge

The UK-based UTV has posted a brief interview segment regarding filming for the next season of Game of Thrones.

Defiance characters will move between the game and show

The protagonists of Defiance will not be relegated to either the game or the show. Indeed, some will be in both, and this is apparently a big part of how the story moves.

A closer look at Mockingbird Lane

The parts have been cast, the pilot has been writen and production is about to begin on Bryan Fuller’s update of The Munsters.

The end of Eureka

After a respectable run of 7 years and 5 seasons, Eureka aired its long-awaited final episode this week.

New Game of Thrones gets detailed at Comic Con

A huge Game of Thones panel at Comic-Con this year revealed new cast members, shooting schedules, and lots of other bits and bobs.

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdom’s trailer broods over the sword

BigPoint has released a trailer for its upcoming massive multi-player online role-playing game.

SDCC2012: Firefly returns to television for cast special

2012 marks the tenth anniversary of Firefly's debut. The sci-fi classic is often cited as one of the greatest tragedies of genre television, as it ran for only about a dozen episodes before cancellation due to low ratings.

Zenescope’s Wonderland is coming to the small screen

Zenoscope and Lionsgate will be bringing the classic Wonderland graphic novels to television screens sometime next year.

Yes, Spartacus will go out big

The Starz historical action serial, Spartacus, based on the story of the leader of a roman slave rebellion, will be coming to an end soon, but the network claims the final season is going to be well worth it. 

Yes, Stargate 2 is a terrible idea

Filmmaker Dean Devlin is talking about finally crafting a sequel to his hit sci-fi film Stargate.

Digital comics prelude to Masters of the Universe has begun

DC recently released the first in a short run on Masters of the Universe prologue titles which are going digital-first.

Doctor Who season premiere gets detailed

Some details from the Doctor Who season seven opener have been published. Warning: spoilers ahead.

The secrets of Person of Interest

The first season of Person of Interest recently came to an end, and it’s only gotten better with time.

Fringe featurettes experiment with super powers

Fox has posted a pair of fan question featurettes for Fringe.

Merlin teaser pics hint at new project

The official Merlin Twitter account recently posted this simple line: "Something MAGICAL is unfolding in the world of Camelot in 5 days - what do you think it could be?" along with the picture below.

Star Trek: TNG clinches new comics line

IDW has confirmed that Star Trek: The Next Generation will be getting it’s own line in honor of the 25th anniversary of the famed sci-fi series.

Warehouse 13 will return with Spiner

Warehouse 13 showrunner Jack Kenny has confirmed that Brent Spiner will be joining the cast of the popular detective fantasy serial.

Avengers Assemble gets detailed

Disney has released some plot details for Avengers Assemble, the upcoming superhero animated serial.

A closer look at Mockingbird Lane (Munsters reboot)

The Munsters remake has got the whole family on board.