FX teases new Archer episodes

It may only be tangentially in the genres, but Archer has been one of the best animated comedies on television for its brief two-season run. 

Blade Trailer slices up some vamps

Marvel has released the English-language trailer for its upcoming series, Blade. Previously, we’ve only seen footage of this new show with the Japanese narration.

The end of 17th Precinct

I was pretty excited to hear about 17th Precinct when it was announced. Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, and James Callis (all from Battlestar Galactica) reunited under producer Ronald Moore for a police procedural set in a world of magic. 

Report: Apple television to boast indigenous chips

Apple’s long-rumored television set will likely be powered by custom-built chips designed by Cupertino - if and when it hits the market.

The battlegrounds of Terra Nova

The first season of Fox’s prehistoric thriller, Terra Nova, is over after 11 episodes - which technically numbered 13 due to the two double episodes which framed the season. 

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time trailer saves the universe

This week, Three Rings released its first trailer for Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, a massive-multiplayer online puzzle/adventure game which loosely adapts the current incarnation of the wildly popular BBC franchise.

Fringe trailer is on fire

Fox has released a trailer for the upcoming mid-season return of Fringe.

Apple wants to redefine the future of television

Apple is reportedly discussing its vision for the future of television with a number of media executives at several large companies.

The crystals of Thundercats

Around the mid-season mark, Thundercats had basically fallen apart for me. The clever mythology and dynamic characters introduced in the pilot were lost in the mundaneity of the individual 20 minute episodes.

The fate of Doctor Who's Amy and Rory

There have been rumors for months that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, who play The Doctor’s current companions, will not be coming back for the seventh season.

On the future of Doctor Who

Steven Moffat has confirmed that the structure of Doctor Who will evolve for the upcoming season.

The children of Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising

Transformers Prime is the current incarnation of the franchise on television. The story begins with Darkness Rising, a CGI animated pilot film which establishes the series conflict.

Game of Thrones Season 2 teaser blows cold

HBO has released another teaser trailer for the second season of its popular Game of Thrones series, which is based on the bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin.

New Doctor Who video game is less of an enigma

Last week, BBC Worldwide confirmed a Doctor Who video game is in development by Supermassive Games (of Little Big Planet fame).

The secret sketches of Terra Nova

I enjoyed Terra Nova right from the start. A lot of cash has been poured into the sci-fi series, and it really shows in all the right places. The sets are beautiful, the characters interesting, and the effects outstanding.

BBC teases new Doctor Who video game

BBC has released a teaser for its upcoming video game Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, which is being developed by Supermassive Games.

Syfy moves ahead with experimental Defiance

Syfy has found a director for Defiance, an upcoming series described by the network as an experimental television show/video game project.

Rumor: Smallville novel in the works

It seems as if we may soon have a Smallville epilogue in novel form, penned by the lead writer on the series, Brian Q Miller.

Matt Smith details Doctor Who Christmas special

BBC America recently posted a brief interview with Matt Smith, who currently plays The Doctor on Doctor Who. In the short YouTube video, Smith discusses the upcoming special holiday episode of the popular show.

The alternates of Fringe

The second half of season four of Fringe picks back up in January, having left us in a period of dramatic tension among the characters.