Eureka featurette looks back

SyFy has released a recap featurette for the sci-fi situation dramedy Eureka, which is entering its final season this year.

Game of Thrones featurette sums it all up

HBO has released a new long form featurette for Game of Thrones, which serves as summary of sorts for the first season.

Doctor Who Season 7 trailer runs you out of town

BBC One has released the first trailer for the first half of the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

Casting begins for Mockingbird Lane (The Munsters)

Bryan Fuller of the fantastic Pushing Daisies, and Bryan Singer, of X-Men: First Class fame are working on a reboot of the classic black and white monster parody sitcom The Munsters.

Fringe... The Comic?!

Fringe is a fantastic show with devoted fans, but its ratings have only ever been just barely impressive enough to justify the show's budget, which is a bit higher than a typical detective series.

The horns of Transformers: Prime

I already knew from having recently seen the film which comprises the first five episodes of the first season that Transformers: Prime is a fun show with a lot of cross demographic appeal.

SyFy cancels Blood & Chrome - for now

Just a couple days after a pilot teaser was leaked to the Internet, Syfy has confirmed that it will not be carrying the long-awaited Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome.

Blood and Chrome teaser kicks the toaster

A teaser for Syfy’s upcoming speculative fiction serial Blood and Chrome has appeared online, though it’s unclear if it was in Syfy’s plan to have it out at this juncture.

Costume revealed for Arrow

The CW has revealed the first image of Oliver Queen’s Green Arrow costume from its upcoming dramatic television serial Arrow - which is loosely based on Green Arrow from DC Comics.

Coleman will climb into the TARDIS this winter

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffatt has confirmed that Jenna-Louise Coleman will take on the role of The Doctor’s next companion.

Game of Thrones trailer deserves what it gets

HBO has released a new trailer for the upcoming season of its hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones. This one is titled Price for our Sins.

What’s missing from Alcatraz?

Before Alcatraz aired, we got clued in to a particular production delay. All of the episodes which had so far been filmed needed to have new scenes filme dadded, due to a change in direction for the series which occurred when co-producer Jennifer Johnson joined the project.

BBC picks up pilot for sci-fi comedy

V Sign is a series under development by Green Inc. in conjunction with Retort of Freemantle Media. The pilot, written by Steve Turner, was recently picked up by the BBC for consideration.

Game of Thrones video game featurette steps through the forms

Atlus has released a new video for its upcoming adventure game, Game of Thrones, based on the Song of Ice and Fire novels and the popular HBO series.

Game of Thrones featurettes cover the characters

HBO has released a series of featurettes for the second season of its hit show Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones trailer has no loyalties

The third trailer for the second season of Game of Thrones focuses on the complex familial and romantic relationships which will dominate the season, with a particular focus on the strong women of the story along with some new footage.

Benz to lead Defiance

Syfy has cast the lead role in its upcoming sci-fi thriller Defiance, which will air alongside an accompanying video game being developed by Trion Worlds.

Terra Nova may continue on Netflix

Fox recently decided against renewing Terra Nova for a second season, mostly due to the production costs associated with the show.

Terra Nova headed for extinction

Fox will not be renewing its dinosaur adventure show, Terra Nova. Yes, we’ve known for some time the popular series was on the list of possible shows to get chopped.

New Game of Thrones trailer sees the devil inside

HBO has released another trailer for the upcoming second season of its hit show Game of Thrones. This one gives us a pretty moody and dark look at the relationships and trends of the season, along with some new footage.