New material gives boost to optical fibers

British and American scientists say they've found a way to embed electronics into optical fibers, simplifying and speeding up telecommunications.

China's Alibaba to launch mobile OS

Chinese e-commerce leader Alibaba recently announced plans to launch a mobile operating system. They want to join Google and Apple in the market for smartphone software.

Japanese company plans green-energy cellphone masts

Some people may not be familiar with Japan's largest mobile phone operator, NTT DoCoMo. But their efforts to generate renewable energy are certainly worthy of attention.

Ericsson: File-sharing is not the problem

Isn’t it funny how a technology company can claim that file-sharing is evil and it gets huge amounts of press, but when a technology giant says that file-sharing isn’t the problem, it gets very little?  

Microsoft's Skype acquisition could change the world

The Microsoft-Skype merger is potentially the beginning of the biggest change in technology since the PC. Of course, this is hardly the industry's first attempt to redefine the lucrative space.

Analysis: AT&T absorbs T-Mobile, now most powerful carrier in US

AT&T announced yesterday that it has reached a deal to acquire T-Mobile. It cost AT&T $39 billion to become the most powerful carrier in the US.

Analysis: AT&T telecom "reform" is bad for consumers

AT&T is about to reap some significant benefits from its latest attempt to deregulate the telecommunications services offered in Michigan.

Analysis: Al-Jazeera in talks with Comcast over distribution

Al-Jazeera has been negotiating with Comcast over bringing the network’s English language channel to millions of U.S. viewers. Clearly, the nation’s largest cable provider is making moves involving Middle East broadcasting, but why?

A three way dance between AT&T, FCC, and the Free Press

The public debate over Net Neutrality has heated up in recent days. The issue - which famously caught the attention of Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken - pits big government up against big business and concerned citizens.