Einstein's theory helps detect alien worlds

Detecting alien worlds presents a significant challenge since they are small, faint, and close to their stars. The two most prolific techniques for finding exoplanets are radial velocity (looking for wobbling stars) and transits (looking for dimming stars).

Predicting waves could double ocean energy capture

Surfers spend half their time on the water sitting upright on their boards, scanning the horizon for the next suitable wave.

Smartphone users have different sense of privacy

Smartphone users have a weaker sense of personal space - both their own and others' - new research from Tel Aviv University shows.

Transistors made from human ingredients

Researchers have developed a transistor made from organic materials found in the human body.

Today's teens set for early hearing loss?

As many as a quarter of today's teens could start losing their hearing in their thirties, say Tel Aviv University researchers studying the effects of MP3 players.

Carbon monoxide calms city dwellers down

Carbon monoxide in cities could actually be drugging residents into placidity, according to Israeli scientists.

Video: Quantum levitation and floating semi-conductors

Researchers at Israel's Tel Aviv University recently showcased a floating semi-conductor - illustrating the power of "quantum levitation."

Artificial cerebellum restores rat's brain function

Israeli scientists say they've created a synthetic cerebellum that has restored lost brain function in rats.

'Date rape' sensor identifies spiked drinks

Tel Aviv University researchers have developed an anti-date rape device that can detect whether a drink's been spiked and warn the victim.

Crime tracking algorithm works in real time

Israeli researchers have developed an algorithm that can be used by security organizations to track the likely location of criminals on-the-fly.

Hornet's stripes act as PV cell

A Tel Aviv University team has shown that a type of hornet has a body that acts as a photo-voltaic cell, converting the sun's energy into electricity.