Iomega intros 70 GB Rev storage drive

San Diego (CA) - Iomega today announced a new version of its Rev backup and storage drive for small and medium-sized business. The new Rev doubles the available storage capacity from 35 to 70 GB on one 2.5" disk.

Vendors gear up for Sonoma notebook inventory clearance

Notebook vendors, including Acer, Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP), with each receiving hundreds of thousands of Dothan processors from Intel, expect to completely clear their inventory of Sonoma notebooks by the end of the third quarter, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers.

Ritek ships LabelFlash CD-R, DVD+R/-R discs to Fujifilm

Ritek has begun OEM production of LabelFlash CD-R and DVD+R/-R discs for Fujifilm, with an initial small shipment volume of several million discs a month, according to industry sources.

Hanns.G shipping samples of 22" widescreen monitors to Gateway and ViewSonic

Hanns.G, which uses panels from HannStar Display, has started shipping samples of 22" widescreen monitors to Gateway, ViewSonic and several Taiwan-based branded monitor makers, with the products to be rolled out in August, the company said.

SGI claims 4.35 TB memory bandwidth on Itanium 2 server

SGI said that it has built 1024-processor Altix 4700 system that has achieved a sustained memory bandwidth of 4.35 TB/s.

'Private Folder' Powertoy still available, though Microsoft removed links

Redmond (WA) - The news this morning was that Microsoft officially withdrew its support of "Private Folder," one of its "Powertoy" accessories for Windows XP - which was released only last week - reacting to complaints about how its folder encryption capability could be used to thwart the designs of system administrators.

Dell offers draft 802.11n wireless cards

The generation Wi-Fi standard is still far from being finalized, but devices built according to the draft specification are becoming more and more available - not only from Wi-Fi hardware manufacturers.

Intel to launch dual-core Itanium 2 tomorrow

Intel has been sending out invitations to a product introduction tomorrow, Tuesday 18 July. While the invitation itself is worded in a very fuzzy, there appears to be little doubt that Intel will unveil its new dual-core Itanium 2 processor. "Intel now offers the most advanced high-end computing platform in the world combined with unmatched 'freedom of choice.' Double the performance, increased power efficiency and the freedom to run thousands of applications on multiple operating systems is just the start," the invitation reads.

Lite-On IT to offer 20x DVD burners in Q4

Lite-On IT, given the fact that several global leading brands will follow Japan-based Plextor and unveil 18x DVD burner models this quarter or early next quarter, is preparing to offer 20x DVD burners in the fourth quarter to enhance its competitiveness, according to industry sources.

Dell says XPS 700 will not ship overclocked after all

Round Rock (TX) - In a clarification this morning, Dell Computer communications specialist Liam Nguyen told TG Daily that the company's revised XPS 700, which will be featured with Intel's Core 2 Extreme processor on the day Intel makes its formal announcement, will not be available pre-overclocked by the factory after all. It can, of course, be overclocked by the consumer, Nguyen said.

Skype protocol cracked?

A Chinese company claims to have reverse-engineered the Skype protocol, allowing it to place calls over Skype's VoIP network.

AMD: Intel's Conroe power advantage claim based on skewed metric

With Intel's upcoming Core 2 Extreme processor boasting a thermal design point (TDP) of as low as 75 watts, it would appear Intel has regained the advantage over AMD's Athlon 64 FX-62 at 125 watts. But TDP measures power dissipation , not consumption, AMD claims, as part of its campaign to re-educate Intel's would-be customers on the eve of that company's most critical product launch ever.

"Killer" network card with 64 MB of RAM due next month

Austin (TX) - Back in March, we interviewed Bigfoot Networks, a small start-up that promised to end gaming lag with specialized network cards. Now more details about those cards are emerging. Bigfoot has announced that it will sell its "KillerNIC" network card next month. The card's on-board 64 MB of DDR PC2100 RAM and 32-bit 400 Mhz CPU claims to eliminate most lag by processing and reorganizing network traffic before it hits the main CPU.

Applied Materials: First 45nm-process ICs to arrive in 2007

While introducing several new fabrication tools at the ongoing SEMICON West, Applied Materials indicated that the first ICs manufactured on a 45nm process should be available in 2007, while chips produced at the 32nm node would only be seen after 2007, according to company president and CEO Michael Splinter.

New Intel CPUs for entry-level notebooks attract international makers

Intel started offering a series of CPUs in June that are not on its roadmap with aggressive pricing for international notebook makers, according to sources.

Could 10 - 20% yields for Cell processors lead to problems for Sony PS3?

Comments made by an IBM engineering VP in last week's Electronic News have raised concerns about the Sony/Toshiba/IBM alliance's capability to produce Cell processors at the rate, and in the quantities, required by Sony for that company to meet its sales goals for PlayStation 3. IBM indicated that certain redundancies in Cell architecture can compensate for defects in production.

AMD really will drop Athlon 64 prices to compete with Intel Core 2 Duo

Yes, AMD does intend to drop its prices for Athlon 64 processors, at or about the same time Intel announces its Conroe processor availability later this month. TG Daily re-confirmed the news with AMD spokesperson Damon Muzny. Now that Intel may have at least evened the stakes in the performance-per-watt battle, AMD's plan appears to be to shift the focus to performance-per- dollar.

Tom's Hardware: Core 2 Duo smokes AMD's Athlon 64 X2

Westlake Village (CA) - Just about two weeks ahead of the official launch, Core 2 Duo's true performance capability comes to light. In tests conducted by Tom's Hardware Guide, Intel's new processor delivered stunning results, outpacing its AMD rival in almost every discipline. For the first time in about two years, Intel is offering a superior desktop processor that may cause more than just a headache for AMD.

Revised Dell XPS 700 to feature overclocked Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU

See the upgraded Dell XPS 700, and other revelations, here...

AMD ships first processors manufactured at Chartered

AMD today announced that it began its first revenue shipments of AMD 64 processors that have been manufactured at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore