US lead in science and technology shrinking

The United States' (U.S.) predominance in science and technology (S&T) eroded further during the last decade, as several Asian nations--particularly China and South Korea--rapidly increased their innovation capacities.

Bitcoin founder remains an enigma

Bitcoin is currently one of the valuable and popular virtual currencies on the market, with numerous exchange houses springing up literally overnight. 

Moore's Law works, says MIT

Moore's Law, the much-cited theory that rates of technological improvement increase exponentially over time - is true, say MIT researchers.

Check out this E-Ink Android smartphone reference design

The combination of a LCD and E-ink display means users of the device will have the best of both worlds - with one screen providing smooth video and graphics, while the other consumes little power and is ideal for reading. 

Major cybercrime ring busted by Europol

The European police agency Europol has confirmed that it successfully dismantled one of the most efficient cyber crime organizations in operation. 

PlayJam touts redesigned Android GameStick controller

It seems like every time you turn around there's yet another project on Kickstarter attempting to bring mobile Android video games to the big-screen in your living room.

Scientists design imprintable, flexible lithium-ion battery

Scientists from South Korea have developed the world's first imprintable and flexible battery.

Asus touts VariDrive docking station for ultrabooks

Asus VariDrive docking station adds display connectivity, extra USB ports and an optical drive.

Video: BMW puts data on the steering wheel

BMW is well known for designing some seriously high tech and popular performance vehicles, including the M3.

Apple sets its sites on the automotive industry

Some may scoff at the idea of Apple's iOS inside of an automobile, but the idea is not far-fetched at all.

Google eyes "smart glove" technology

Google is apparently eyeing a heavily augmented reality future with initiatives like Project Glass.

Video: Google's Project Glass gets demoed

The first time we saw a pair of Project Glass spectacles was back in April when Google officially went public with its formerly top secret initiative. 

Video: Holographic Tupac rocks the mic at Coachella

The Coachella music festival kicks off with some fantastic performances every year in sunny California.

The future intersections of autonomous vehicles

Google, along with other like-minded companies, are working to develop vehicles capable of autmomous navigation.

$10 million X Prize offered for Star Trek 'tricorder'

The X PRIZE Foundation, together with Qualcomm Foundation, has announced a new $10 million prize: for anyone that can come up with a Star Trek-style medical 'tricorder'.

A robot who can "love"

Nowadays it seems like robots can almost do anything from driving a car to playing soccer, but one thing they can't do is, well, understand love. Well, at least until now.

NYC hopes tech can help reduce traffic

Gridlock may not be synonymous with New York City for much longer.

Which technologies improve the fastest?

Some technologies have remained the same for centuries; others seem to change every five minutes. But how are researchers to know where it's worth investing time and money in looking for improvements?

Scientists recommend technology diet

Could too much Facebook, Twitter, TV, and texting be bad for your health? As the amount of outside stimuli from technology increases, scientists are concerned our brains could be at risk.

Jelly muscles make robots more flexible, life-like

It’s hard to make a robotic pile of nuts and bolts move in a realistic or human way.