This wooden ship has 21st century green technology

The San Francisco Bay Area, besides being a major hub for cutting edge technologies, is also a huge force in the area of water-based activities, be it recreational or commercial.

Video game tech steers this roach

North Carolina State University researchers are using video game technology to remotely control cockroaches on autopilot, with a computer steering the cockroach through a controlled environment.

Crysis 3 to push PC tech to the max

The gaming world may be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next), although neither will be able to match the raw horsepower of cutting-edge rigs when it comes to running Crysis 3 and up.

Tech test city finds a home in New Mexico

It's a city-in-miniature where no one actually lives, coming soon to … Lea County, N.M. That the word now on the location of the planned New Mexico test center that popped into the news last fall.

Silicon Valley falls out of love with Obama

Silicon Valley is apparently falling out of love with President Obama. 

Why, you ask?

Air-conditioned clothing is big in Japan

It may not look all that cool, but desperate times call for desperate measures - even if it does mean wearing air-conditioned clothing.

Porn industry just can't keep up with tech

Shrouded behind a wall of black curtains, on the long walk into the Adult Entertainment Expo you may hear the occasional whip over the loud rock music, or the sweet smell of latex wafting from the crowd. 

Can shows like CSI accelerate the pace of DNA tech?

On TV programs like CSI, all it takes is one sip from a soda can for detectives to swab, tag, and bust a guilty criminal with DNA certainty. But is real life technology advanced enough to perform such a feat?