Spiderman 2 gets a panel and some reveal at Comic Con 2013

Yet another superhero franchise, but bearing in mind that there are few people who can't kick Andrew Garfield's butt in the universe, the reality distortion field surrounding Spiderman has never kept us from being anything but, meh.    

Latest Iron Man trailer (teaser) is here

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer has arrived, and Tony Stark's mansion is no more, courtesy of The Mandarin.

Video: The RoboCop - OmniCorp connection

Perhaps it's never too early to promote a movie, which is why I was surprised to see there's already a teaser campaign for RoboCop.

Dark Knight Rises teaser looks unlikely, but may be genuine

A teaser for Dark Knight Rises has been floating around the internet since Friday, but no one can present a good case as to its authenticity.