Apple claims it pays plenty of tax

Apple's become embroiled in a row about the amount of tax it's paying in the US.

Analysis: Collecting online sale tax won’t fix anything

There are many people - both within the federal government and the general public - who believe the passage of an online sales tax law will help fix the government’s revenue problem. But it won’t.

Dems want to collect online sales tax

A bill recently proposed by Democrats in Congress would require online businesses to impose federal taxes on all online purchases.

Analysis: Amazon’s tax battle with California

Whether you choose to admit it or not, America is stuck in a dangerous economic loop. That’s why Amazon’s tax battles with states like California are so important.

Analysis: Is Amazon evil for not wanting to pay taxes for online sales?

Whose responsibility is it to fix state budget crises? Is it Amazon’s?   

Feds watched porn as Wall Street collapsed

There are apparently three constants in the lives of modern men and women: death, taxes and porn. Well, hopefully not in that order.

Google: Healthcare and Haiti dominated 2010 tax search results

An analytics report compiled by Google indicates that topics such as healthcare and the devastating earthquake in Haiti dominated tax-related searches in 2010.

IBM lends its powers to collect back taxes

You may love IBM for its market-leading innovation and valuable services, but if you owe back taxes, it's about to become your worst nightmare.