Irish fight back at tax allegations

The Irish government is getting angry that the US and UK are blaming its tax laws for the antics of multinational IT companies.

Now the US taxman probes Google

The world's tax men are ganging up to take on the creative accountants at the likes of Google, who have been allegedly engineering some fairly staggering tax evasion moves.

Eurocrats gang up on US firm

It is starting to look like Google's tax avoidance days might be coming to a close after France and Germany have joined the UK in demanding that the search engine start paying its share.

Google fights back against the taxman

Google has defended itself against allegations that it has been playing a game of tax evasion in the UK, claiming the nation is lucky to have the search engine working in the country.

Things get expensive for Google in France

The French government has released proposals to tax online businesses for the collection of personal data, in a move that would dramatically increase their currently-tiny tax bills.

Google plans £1 billion London HQ

Google's planning a huge corporate headquarters in London, closing two offices and moving onto a £1 billion site in King's Cross.

Apple slated for tiny overseas tax payments

Apple has become the latest company to come under fire over its tax arrangements, after the revelation that it pays only a tiny amount on its massive overseas earnings.

Senate report slams Microsoft and HP for tax-dodging

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have - entirely legally - avoided billions of dollars in taxes over the last three years, according to a US Senate Committee.

Lawmaker calls for tax on violent games

An Oklahoma lawmaker is proposing a special tax on violent video games, in what he says is an attempt to fight bullying and obesity in children.

Federal draft bill would tax drivers by the mile

The Obama administration is reportedly eyeing a transportation bill that would require the "study and implementation" of a plan to tax automobile owners based on how many miles they drive.

How Google shifts profits to Bermuda to shrink taxes by billion$

The parallels, differences and ethical considerations of tax avoidance versus tax evasion have been the subject of debate for decades.

ISP's Twitter competition hijacked by protesters

A competition launched by Vodafone - the UK ISP that owns 45 percent of Verizon - caused red faces over the weekend as it was used to protest about the company's tax practices.

IRS mulls tighter security for electronic filing

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is poised to implement a new security procedure that will make it harder for tax professionals to access the agency's electronic filing portal.