Van Halen: More new album and DVD details

If you're a real Van Halen fan, are you ready to show your love and buy their new album on vinyl? 

New Van Halen single drops

Finally, after seemingly an eternity, the first new music from Van Halen with David Lee Roth, the song Tattoo, went live this past week. 

A different kind of truth for Van Halen

As reported here on TG, Van Halen finally played its first gig with Diamond David Lee Roth since 2008, and their long awaited new album, A Different Kind of Truth, is set to go live on February 7.

Van Halen plays warm up show in NYC

After years of speculation and unanswered questions, Van Halen with David Lee Roth back on vocals played a warm up show on January 5 at Café Wha?

Forget the Hangover tattoo - try removing these!

When Metallica was making fun of Axl Rose on their documentary, A Year and a Half in the Life, The Guns 'N Roses singer threw a fit and demanded the video be changed - or else.

The Hangover tattoo won't have to be removed

With the second Hangover film on track to make about a trillion dollars at the box office, there was one potential legal problem that could have been a major fly in the ointment which finally just got settled.