Double-star systems pose big risk for planets

Planets with binary stars - such as Star Wars' Tatooine - may be dangerous places to live, even risking the chance of being ejected into interstellar space.

Star Wars fans rebuild Tatooine set

Like every child of the 80's, I've seen the original Star Wars movies more times than I can count.

Double star could host habitable planet

Planets with two suns - like Star Wars' Tatooine - could really be habitable, astrophysicists have concluded - and they say they know where to look.

The Old Republic goes live on December 20

The long-awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO will go live on December 20, 2011 in North America. 

NASA discovers an alternate Tatooine

NASA’s Kepler telescope has discovered the existence of a world with a double sunset - as famously depicted in Star Wars more than 30 years ago.