There's a New Doctor Who in Town

While the new incarnation of Doctor Who has yet to appear, there’s already several noticeable changes. The first is there’s no bow-tie, and the second will be that the new Doc Who, Peter Capaldi, will not adopt a British accent to play the good doctor.

Doctor Who Goes Out On Top

So Matt Smith has finally left Doctor Who. We knew this was coming, and the show has had quite a few doctors over the decades, with a new Who ready to debut next year. So what do the reviewers think of Smith’s swan song?

Win a Doctor Who Marshall Amp For a Good Cause

We’re going to be seeing a lot of Doctor Who this month. He’s hitting his 50th anniversary on November 23, with a special episode that will have a simultaneous worldwide broadcast. In some markets you’ll be able to see this episode in 3D, and for a good cause Doctor Who will also get a lot louder, thanks to Marshall amps. 

Will the Empire State Building Turn Into a Tardis For Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary?

The fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who is nearly upon us, and it is reportedly the longest running series in sci-fi history. An anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, will be reportedly simulcast world-wide on November 23, and now there’s a fan campaign to help turn the Empire State Building into a Tardis.

Video: AR TARDIS is bigger on the inside

Unofficial TARDIS model uses simple AR to achieve cool special effect.

Doctor Who has a new TARDIS control-room

The interior of the Doctor's fancy flying time-box is getting an overhaul for the holiday episode.

Who wants a Tardis for Christmas?

It’s amazing the following Doctor Who has to this day. I can still recall growing up seeing flashes of the re-runs on TV, and at my impressionable young age it was quite a bizarre vortex to get sucked into.

Sneak peek scenes released for Torchwood: Miracle Day

Some scenes and spoilers have shown up on the BBC website.

On the holes and Flesh in Doctor Who

This weekend's episode of Doctor Who finally answered some questions. Typically, it also presented new ones.