Video: Playstation controller steers homemade tank

Syrian rebels have taken to creating a number of DIY weapons to battle against the Assad regime holed up in Damascus.

US Army’s big green tank ready to roll

As per its focus in recent years on greening its operations and technologies, the US military will be making use of a hybrid electric Ground Combat Vehicle design.

Tank disguised by infra-red cloak

BAE Systems has tested an invisibility cloak that allows a vehicle to blend into its surroundings in the infra-red and other frequencies.

Stealth tanks headed for the battlefield

Earlier this year, we reported on a "stealth overcoat" designed to make tanks invisible to radar and thermal imaging device. Six months later, the technology is closer to becoming a reality with a tentative launch date set for just five years from now.

JAGM hits a battle tank

Lockheed Martin recently scored a direct hit on a main battle tank during a multiple-mission firing of its Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM).