Video: Kabul combat hits YouTube

The Taliban recently launched a coordinated offensive against the U.S. embassy in Kabul with gunfire, mortars and suicide bombers.

Tweeting Taliban switches to English

It seems the Taliban isn't quite as opposed to the use of modern technology as it once was. Not only does it now have its own Twitter feed, it's even started tweeting in English.

Finally buckling under pressure, EA changes Taliban game mode

After months and months of unending negative press over the upcoming Medal of Honor game's ability to play as a member of the Taliban, that feature has been completely pulled.

US drones help Brits fight Taliban in Afghanistan

Unmanned American drones are helping British soldiers deployed in Afghanistan to step up their fight against the Taliban. 

Uppity Brits demand Medal of Honor ban

UK defense secretary Liam Fox is urging retailers to ban Medal of Honor because of its "un-British" nature. 

Taliban mission sparks Medal of Honor controversy

Want to play Medal of Honor as a Taliban terrorist? Well, just don't tell Fox News about it.

Desperate Pentagon pleads with Wikileaks

As the US government continues to search for a way to take down Wikileaks after it posted thousands of military logs from Afghanistan, the Pentagon has stepped up and just told the owner of the site to "do the right thing."