Microsoft busts Bamital botnet

Microsoft and Symantec say they've taken down a botnet that hit more than eight million computers worldwide.

Copyright accusations to influence Google search results

Google's to start demoting sites in its search results that receive large numbers of valid copyright-infringement notices - delighting the content industry, but worrying free-speech campaigners.

Spam levels to drop by one fifth

You may notice a dramatic slump in the amount of spam in your inbox over the coming weeks: what's claimed to have been the world's third-largest botnet has been taken down.

'Political' takedown requests increase in US

Google's released data on the governments aiming to censor internet content, and says it's seen a worrying rise in the number of such requests from Western democracies.

FBI in LulzSec takedown

Law enforcement officials on two continents appear to have taken down LulzSec, a hacker group loosely affiliated with Anonymous. 

Google introduces country-specific takedowns for Blogger blogs

Google is following Twitter's lead in introducing a country-by-country blocking system for its Blogger blogs.

Government demands for Google data skyrocket

Google's getting more takedown requests than ever, particularly in the US.

Mozilla refuses DHS request to ban redirection add-on

Mozilla is resisting an attempt from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to force it to remove an add-on called MafiaaFire Redirector.

Anonymous says Sony is incompetent, denies PSN takedown

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have categorically denied involvement in the downing of Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN).

Rustock botnet downed in coordinated cyber op

Unknown cyber activists have managed to temporarily down the nefarious spam-spewing Rustock botnet.

Child porn takedown hits thousands of innocent sites

An anti-child pornography exercise saw 84,000 websites shut down over the weekend - rather than the 10 which were actually being targeted.