Tablets, some good, some, so so

We recently saw no less than a half dozen tablet announcements, and it seems as if everyone is going have one. 

Intel sobers up about x86 mobile

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has acknowledged that the company's entry into the smartphone and tablet markets is likely to be an uphill battle as it struggles to compete against entrenched ARM-based devices. 

Nvidia wants a sexy Tegra 2 "superphone"

Nvidia's CEO isn't satisfied with the current generation of smartphones. No, Jen-Hsun Huang says there is "room in the market" for a new breed of sleek devices known as "superphones."

Is Froyo ready for tablets?

A high-ranking Google exec recently insisted that Android 2.2 (Froyo) was optimized for smartphones. But TouchDown Exchange developer NitroDesk believes Froyo is more than ready to support fully-functioning tablet applications.

Report: Developers prefer versatile Android for next-gen devices

A recent survey jointly conducted by Appcelerator and IDC indicates that (Titanium) developers favor Android over iOS for next-gen TVs and other embedded devices.

Tablet craze jumpstarts NAND Flash market

The use of NAND Flash memory in popular tablets such as Apple's iPad and competing Android devices is expected to triple in 2011.

Nufront revs ARM SoC to 2GHz

Nufront has introduced a 40nm ARM-based SoC that clocks in at an impressive 2GHz.

Android marches forward as iOS slips

Google's Android army is marching bravely forward, while Apple's iOS continues to rapidly lose market share.

Verizon develops live TV app for tablets

Verizon is working on iPad and Android apps allowing users to watch live TV and movies in the home and on the go.

Nvidia eyes entry into CPU market

Could a new, indigenously designed CPU help Nvidia compete against industry heavyweights such as Intel and AMD?

Tablets fail to impact smartphone sales

Worldwide smartphone sales have soared over the last quarter as prices have fallen.

The humble netbook refuses to die

Remember all those talking heads who predicted that tablets and low-cost laptops would kill off the humble netbook? Well, consumer interest in such entry-level devices has apparently shown little sign of waning.

Is 2010 the year of the tablet?

Will the adoption of media tablets reach a mainstream tipping point during 2010? Well, not according to principal ABI researcher Jeff Or, who predicts the devices will likely fall short of "mass market" adoption.

Ballmer touts Windows tablets for the masses

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed plans to sedate the restless masses with a veritable smorgasbord of Windows-powered tablets by the end of 2010.

Canonical preps Ubuntu for tablets

Canonical is reportedly prepping a tablet-specific version of its popular Linux flavor.

Can Android-powered tablets take on the iPad?

Do Android-powered tablets have a chance of successfully competing against Apple's seemingly unstoppable iPad?

Ballmer touts Windows-powered tablets

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is confident that Windows will successfully power a "new breed" of touchscreen tablet PCs.

Aava debuts X86 SDK for Android developers

Aava Mobile has introduced a hardware-enhanced SDK targeted at Android developers writing apps for Morestown-powered tablets and smartphones.

Jobs says tablets won't "completely" replace PCs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has opined that the iPad and other tablet devices "won't completely" replace traditional laptops and PCs.

Nvidia says Windows too bloated for tablets

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has opined that Android - rather than Windows - will power the majority of next-gen tablet devices.