Tablet pioneer and Xbox veteran bids adieu to Microsoft

Tablet pioneer and Xbox veteran Otto Berkes resigned from Microsoft earlier this week after a long and distinguished career at Redmond.

Cats get into gaming with tablet games from Friskies

If you read this website then you know that because of Internet memes, cats are one of the most popular things in the world.

Nvidia: Next-gen Honeycomb tablets will get it right

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang isn't all that pleased with the first generation of Android Honeycomb tablets.

ARM to capture 13% of PC market by 2015

ARM-powered processors remain on track to capture approximately 13% of the lucrative PC market by 2015. 

Dell says Android will triumph over Apple's iPad

Industry veteran Michael Dell says he believes that sales of Android-powered tablets will eventually outpace Apple's iOS iPad.

Android critically damaged by .com thinking

A lot of folks are scratching their heads trying to figure out why Android for smartphones seems more successful than even Apple's amazing iPhone, while Android Tablets are failing one after the other.  

Intel ports Honeycomb for x86-powered tablets

Intel is currently in the process of porting Honeycomb (Android 3.0) for use with x86-powered tablets.

Survey claims tablets used primarily for gaming

According to a recent survey by Google’s AdMob subsidiary, tablets are primarily used for gaming in the United States. Of the 1,400 tablet owners surveyed, 84% use them to play games. But will it be a lasting trend?

For AMD, the tablet game is all about timing

Yes, AMD is finally getting serious about tablets. And why not?

Google adapts Chrome OS for tablets

Google is apparently adapting its browser-based Chrome operating system for tablets.

PC sales slow as Apple's iPad 2 goes FTW

Suppliers have confirmed that PC sales are currently experiencing "weak demand" as tablet sales continue to rapidly increase.

Lack of Honeycomb-specific apps could doom the Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is currently the most viable alternative to the iPad, at a similar price point and form factor. But is it doomed to fail because of the lack of Honeycomb-specific apps in the Android market?

Asus bullish about Windows 7 for tablets

Android and iOS may be wildly popular mobile operating systems, but Asus believes there are still a number of consumers who just can't tear themselves away from Windows - even on a tablet.

Nvidia's Tegra 2 powers Eve tablet demo

CCP Games recently showcased an "exploratory project" it conducted with Nvidia to run a mobile-specific version of Eve on Tegra 2-powered tablets and smartphones.

Oh snap! HP & Dell bash Apple's iPad

What do you do to take down a bully? You join forces with your friends, of course! And that’s exactly what the HP-Dell tag team did they bashed Apple's popular iPad.

Intel: Tablet takeover rumor is nothing but "bunk"

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has rebuffed claims that the traditional PC market is slowly being asphyxiated by a steady onslaught of sleek and sexy ARM-powered tablets.

Motorola says yes to Xoom WiFi

Today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Motorola confirmed that its long-awaited Xoom tablet - which runs Android Honeycomb - will be available in both 3G and WiFi only form factors. Offering the Xoom as "WiFi only" is expected to provide users with easier access to tablet computing without high monthly 3G data charges.

Yahoo opens newsstand for tablets

Well, there's not much point producing loads of content unless you can get it out to readers. And with personalization the order of the day, Yahoo's launched Livestand, a digital newsstand for the iPad and Android tabets.

Report: Android smartphones could get Honeycomb "lite"

Honeycomb - which Google coded from scratch (from the ground up) - has been designated a tablet-specific operating system. 

However, certain elements of the slick OS are likely to find their way into future smartphone-friendly versions of Android.

Apple aims to corner retina display technology

Apple recently confirmed that it is allocating approximately $4 billion dollars for "inventory component prepayments and capital expenditures." Analysts are betting the cash will be spent on revamped display technology and in particular, retina display technology.