Intel vows to outgun rivals as mobile chip war heats up

Intel has vowed to outperform its chip rivals in multiple markets, including in the traditional PC space - which Intel currently dominates - as well as the ARM-controlled mobile sector. 

Will tablets become our primary computing devices?

A prominent industry analyst believes that tablets - rather than unwieldy PCs or traditional laptops - will one day serve as our primary computing devices.

Mobile graphics evolving to console-level

Rapidly evolving mobile graphics are expected to offer a console-like experience in the very near future.

Samsung preps flexible mobile displays for 2012 launch

Samsung is reportedly prepping a lineup of flexible color displays that could launch by the end of 2012 and find its way into devices such as smartphones and tablets by 2013.

Anticipation builds for Windows 8 tablets 

The mainstream tablet market is currently limited to two primary operating systems: Android and iOS. 

Report: Amazon prepping two new Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch two new tablet PCs during the second half of 2012.

2013 will be better for AMD

AMD has been in a flux as of late, with the company building an almost entirely new management team headed by CEO Rory Read, CTO Mark Papermaster, CSO Rajan Naik and Lisa Su as VP of the company's Global Business Unit.

Will Intel be inside your next smartphone?

The first Intel-powered x86 (Medfield) smartphone will be hitting the hyper-competitive mobile market in China this summer - courtesy of Lenovo. 

Will high prices thwart WinTel tablet sales?

Windows-based tablets powered by Intel x86 processors may ultimately be priced in the $600-$900 range.

ARM chips away at x86 PCs

Analysts at Sterne Agee are projecting that emerging market growth could shift from x86 PCs to lower-cost WARM (Windows ARM) platforms. 

Tablets jumpstart the PC industry

The tablet category has significantly expanded its role in the lucrative mobile PC market, with shipments hitting 72.7 million units and accounting for 25.5% of mobile PC shipments in 2011.

OnLive brings cloud gaming to mobile

Cloud gaming company OnLive is launching a free app that brings instant play of console-class games to smartphones and tablets via Wifi and 4G LTE.

Is Windows 8 irrelevant?

Windows 8, which runs on both ARM and x86 (AMD/Intel) chips, is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated OS upgrades in recent memory.

...And jailbreaking for all

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has asked the U.S. Copyright Office to officially grant an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for jailbreaking tablets and video game consoles.

Acer will not ditch netbooks

Although Samsung may be leaving the netbook market to seek its fortunes elsewhere, Acer has absolutely no intention of ditching the still lucrative space.

Don't put your laptop under my Christmas tree

It seems as if laptops are so 2010 - at least when it comes to what the masses want this holiday season.

ARM and Intel gear up for chip war of attrition

ARM's power-conscious RISC chips remain on track to claim a sizable chunk of the traditional notebook PC market over the next few years.

ARM rolls out its MALI-T658 GPU

ARM has debuted the Mali-T658 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), the latest addition to its Midgard architecture-based GPU family.

Tablets and Ultrabooks battle for mobile dominance

The mobile PC market is currently embracing the new Ultrabook form factor in an effort to counter tablets like Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Analyst claims ARM threat is exaggerated

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile space (smartphones and tablets) with its low-power sipping RISC-based architecture.