Asus tries again with the PadFone 2

The reception was slightly less-than-stellar earlier this year when Asus unveiled its tablet and smartphone combination aptly dubbed the PadFone.

Analyst: Tablets will outsell notebook PCs by 2016

Tablet PC shipments are projected to exceed notebook PC shipments by 2016.

More trouble for Intel's Clover Trail tablets

The launch of Intel's Clover Trail Windows 8 tablets has reportedly been postponed due to Santa Clara's failure to deliver a critical software patch designed to conserve precious mobile battery life. 

Intel Ultrabooks wither under tablet glow

Ultrabook sales are withering due to high prices and the allure of competing devices such as tablets and smartphones with more affordable price points.

Video: Intel ratchets up Windows 8 tablet offensive

Santa Clara has debuted its "first wave" of x86 Windows 8 tablets and convertible designs based on Intel's Core vPro, Core and Atom processors - including the new Atom SoC Z2760 formerly codenamed Clover Trail.

The security risks of BYOD

There are many of us who have absolutely zero interest in using a slow and outdated PC at work. This sentiment has given rise to the concept of BYOD, or bring your own device to work. 

Texas Instruments shifts away from mobile

Texas Instruments (TI) is apparently in the process of shifting its chip focus from smartphones to a "broader" market - such as the automotive space - as it seeks a more profitable and stable business. 

A closer look at Remote Phone Tools for Android

I know more than a few people who are completely obsessed with keeping an eye on their smartphones.

HP's Envy X2 is a laptop-tablet Windows 8 hybrid

HP announced three new Windows 8 devices earlier today at IFA 2012 in Berlin, including the Envy X2 hybrid PC which combines a detachable screen and keyboard dock for the best of the tablet and ultraportable worlds.

Can eReaders survive the tablet onslaught?

eReader shipments are projected to decline from 15 million devices in 2011 to 11 million in 2012.

Video: Argos feeds data hungry mobile devices

Researchers at Rice University have developed new multi-antenna technology that could potentially help wireless providers keep pace with data-hungry smartphones and tablets.

Get ready for a new lineup of Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon will reportedly unveil a new lineup of Kindle Fire tablets during a September 6 press conference in Santa Monica, California.

On Windows 8, Surface and tablet wars

Recently, certain execs at Acer made some rather strong comments about Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet.

Will Qualcomm buy AMD?

Shares of AMD were buoyed nearly ten percent by rumors that Snapdragon master Qualcomm may be interested in acquiring the fabless chip company.

Vision-based gesture recognition on the way for smartphones

Gestures are so ingrained in human culture that it is virtually impossible to communicate without moving your hands or gesticulating with your fingers while in conversation.

Tablet shipments to outpace notebook sales by 2016

Tablet PCs, such as Apple's iPad, are expected to be the primary growth driver for the mobile PC market over the next few years.

Report: Vendors ditch Windows ARM devices over Surface

A new report claims that PC vendors - including Hewlett Packard (HP) - are up in arms over Microsoft's recent decision to enter the lucrative tablet market with its Surface device.

Microsoft showcases Windows 8 Surface tablets

Microsoft showcased a new lineup of slick Windows 8 powered "Surface" tablets at an event today in Hollywood, California.

Apple's iPad is running circles around Android

Apple's wildly popular iPad is set to once again increase its market share at the expense of Android tablets.

Tablets in handheld gaming smackdown

Over 38 million handheld gaming devices from Sony and Nintendo are expected to ship in 2013 - a number that is significantly lower than the 47 million units sold in 2008.