This particle accelerator fits on a tabletop

Physicists at The University of Texas at Austin have built a tabletop particle accelerator that can generate energies and speeds previously reached only by major facilities that are hundreds of meters long and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build.

Raise and eat your own bugs from this tabletop terrarium

With growing drought and an inefficient agricultural system (not to mention the world’s bees careening for extinction), there are fears that someday soon, there will no longer be enough meat-based protein to keep the world from going hungry.

Lenovo unveils table-sized tablet

Lenovo's demonstrated a tabletop PC with a 27-inch screen - rather like a tablet for giants - which should be available by early summer.

Team rivals synchotron with table-top device

Synchotron X-ray facilities are usually big and expensive. For example, the UK's Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility is half a kilometer in circumference and cost £263 million to build.