This is the lightest Android tablet ever made

NTT DoCoMo has launched what appears to be the lightest Android tablet ever made. 

Kindle Fire HD bootloader remains in lockdown

Few things anger technophiles as much as devices that are locked down and don't allow users to customize or mod their hardware.

This Android tablet has a 9.7-inch retina display

Are you an Android enthusiast who just can't stop coveting the high-resolution retina display on Apple's iPad?

NexCrea wants to replace your laptop with an Android smartphone

A startup known as NexCrea is working on a concept Android smartphone that can be used as a handset, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Amazon: Kindle Fire HD owners can opt out of ads - for a fee

Amazon lets you skip the ads on its new lineup of Kindle Fire HD tablets for $15.

Debut of Amazon's Kindle phone may be imminent

Reports of an Amazon-branded smartphone have been circulating for quite some time now.

Is Amazon prepping a dual-screen Kindle tablet?

Recent patent filings indicate that Amazon may be eyeing the creation of a dual-screen tablet.

Lenovo showcases Android-powered IdeaTabs at IFA 2012

A number of industry heavyweights debuted their latest tablet lineups this week at IFA 2012 in Berlin, including Asus, Samsung and Sony.

Asus showcases Windows 8 Vivo Tablets at IFA 2012

Asus is showcasing two slick Windows 8 tablets at IFA 2012 in Berlin: the Vivo Tab (x86) and Vivo Tab (ARM) RT.

Archos revamps Android tablet lineup with Gen10 XS

Archos has finally debuted its long-awaited Android-powered Gen10 XS tablet lineup.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet gets an all-in-one toolkit

Google's indigenously designed Nexus 7 tablet is all the rage for devs - much like Mountain View's Android OS which allows the community to code a never-ending stream of hacks, mods and tweaks.

Elite Kernel hits the Nexus 7 afterburners

Perhaps one of Google Android's top features is the operating system's open nature, which allows the developer community to code a never-ending stream of mods, hacks and tweaks.

The unlikely $200 Microsoft Surface Tablet that could kill Apple's iPad

Rumors of a $200 Microsoft Surface Tablet have likely prompted a number of corporate bigwigs - from Apple to PC OEMs - to experience unpleasant chest pains in recent days.

Will Microsoft's Windows 8 Surface tablet have a $199 price tag?

Despite reservations from industry heavyweights such as Acer, HP, and Toshiba, Microsoft is moving ahead with its indigenously designed Windows 8 Surface tablet.

Next-gen Sony Xperia tablet is hella slick

Rumors began circulating last month that Sony was prepping a slick new Android-powered tablet with a September launch date in mind.

Is this tablet PC the world's most eco-friendly?

With Samsung and Apple slugging it out over whether their tablet PCs look identical or not, Irish engineers have developed something decidedly different.

Acer warns Microsoft over Surface tablets

Redmond seems quite intent on ignoring vendor concerns over its upcoming Surface tablet.

Archos teases G10 XS tablet

Archos has been doing a very good job keeping hard specs for its hyped G10 XS tablet out of the limelight.

eGlide 4 is an $80 Android 4.0 tablet

Ematic has rolled out a new Android tablet that makes Amazon's Kindle Fire look insanely expensive. Yes, the eGlide 4 is a seven-inch tablet that runs Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Archos 97 Carbon is a $250 Android tablet

If you're in the market for a reasonably priced Android tablet with a large screen, you may want to check out the 97 Carbon manufactured by Archos.