Claim: T-Mobile acquisition = pink slips

It often seems as if this country takes one step forward and two steps back. Case in point: the unrestrained greed behind AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile.

CTIA 2011: T-Mobile debuts LG G2x "gaming" smartphone

AT&T adoptee T-Mobile has announced a new phone - dubbed "G2x" - designed specifically for gaming.

Nokia tries to entice US customers with $80 Astound

After failing to attract, well, anybody in the US with its high-end smartphones, Nokia has opted for a different route.

Analysis: AT&T absorbs T-Mobile, now most powerful carrier in US

AT&T announced yesterday that it has reached a deal to acquire T-Mobile. It cost AT&T $39 billion to become the most powerful carrier in the US.

AT&T plans to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion

AT&T plans to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom AG for a cool $39 billion.

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G details emerge

The brand new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G looks like a Sidekick and quacks like a Sidekick, but this is not your grandma's Sidekick.

T-Mobile killing Sidekick 'Danger' services, offers Android merge

For years, T-Mobile's popular line of 'Sidekick' phones ignited the carrier's brand and made it the cool, hip thing in town. Now, the clunky old Qwerty phones look like something out of the Stone Age and T-Mobile is ready to stop support for the backbone of the outdated platform.

T-Mobile reportedly set to lower unlimited plan rates

In a world where customers are nickel-and-dimed for everything and everything only gets more expensive, T-Mobile is apparently going to offer a rather refreshing move in the opposite direction.

Will iPhone 5 go to T-Mobile and Sprint?

Apple is no longer contractually bound to bring the iPhone exclusively to AT&T, and that's why you can now go to the store and buy a Verizon iPhone with no problem. But why should AT&T stop there? Rumors now suggest the next iteration of Apple's mobile phone will be available on all four of the major carriers.

Xperia Play not exclusive to Verizon

If you were dying to get your hands on a new Xperia Play phone from Sony Ericsson, the device many are simply calling the "Playstation phone," but don't have or want Verizon's expensive service? Good news - it will be coming to other carriers.

Verizon, T-Mobile eligible for 4G Blackberry Playbook this year

Research in Motion has already said it will make its upcoming Playbook tablet compatible with Sprint's high-speed 4G network, but now the company has also confirmed it's working on versions that would work with Verizon's and T-Mobile's new spectrums.

Sweet details emerge of first 3D Honeycomb tablet, from LG

When it comes to the tablet market, it seems like there's a new innovation every few months. And this is potentially the biggest innovation yet, as LG and T-Mobile become the first to offer a glasses-free 3D tablet.

T-Mobile bringing Samsung Galaxy S to 4G this month

Samsung's Galaxy S brand will take its next step in a matter of weeks, as a 4G version of its Vibrant phone for T-Mobile has just been announced for release later this month.

T-Mobile phones can block texting while driving

Most people might find it hard to stomach paying for a service that actually stops them from being able to do something, but when it comes to texting while driving, T-Mobile thinks at least some customers might bite.

T-Mobile's Sidekick returns, in brand spanking 4G

The "Sidekick" brand that defined a generation of early smartphones back in the day is set to make a comeback, as T-Mobile works to make its 4G product offering as recognizable as possible.

Nasty rumor suggests Samsung intentionally delaying Android update

T-Mobile customers who bought Samsung's Vibrant phone last year have been patiently waiting to receive a firmware upgrade to Android 2.2, which was first made available several months ago.

T-Mobile ad mocks Verizon-AT&T iPhone battle

T-Mobile is breathing some common sense into all the frenzy that's happening with the Verizon iPhone announcement, by launching a new ad that says the iPhone isn't really worth it on either network.

New rumored phone would be T-Mobile's fastest

Now that the Verizon iPhone is official, the mobile rumor mill is turning its attention to other things. Other things, that is, like the Samsung Vibrant 4G, which is rumored to be the single fastest phone to ever run on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile wants to take 3G as fast as it can go

T-Mobile wants its customers to know that even if they're not eligible to upgrade to 4G yet, or may not have enough money to buy its 4G phones, it still cares about them.

Verizon hastily works to clear bump in 4G road

When it comes to 4G, there are lots of claims floating around. Sprint claims to have the most powerful, T-Mobile says it has the biggest, and Verizon promises to have the fastest. But some of these claims need to come with footnotes.