T-Mobile shifts to data overage fees

After championing its position to not charge overage fees for capped data customers, T-Mobile has made an about-face.

Top 5% of AT&T data users will be throttled

So much for the idea of getting to keep your unlimited data plan.

Senate Democrat wants AT&T/T-Mobile deal blocked

A prominent senator has called on regulators to block the controversial AT&T/T-Mobile merger as it would inevitably "cause substantial harm to competition and consumers."

T-Mobile brands data caps as "Value" plans

T-Mobile will soon start offering limits on smartphone data customers, but it won't get rid of unlimited.

T-Mobile brings caller ID to cell phones

It's a move that will surely leave some people saying, "Why did it take this long?"

Americans turn away from landlines

A quarter of all Americans no longer have a landline, according to the latest figures from the Federal Communications Commission.

Congresswoman wants carriers to clarify '4G'

Are you still confused when you see a commercial for a phone claiming to have '4G' speed?

Rumor: Verizon planning switch to tiered data

Verizon will reportedly become the next big major carrier to end unlimited mobile data for smartphone customers.

AT&T hands out cash to merger backers

Why, what a surprise! It seems as if AT&T has been handing out wads of cash to groups that "coincidentally" support the corporation's controversial acquisition of T-Mobile.

Industry heavyweights support AT&T's T-Mobile acquisition

AT&T is  on a mission to garner support from industry heavy hitters to help sway opinion in favor of its proposed $39 billion T-Mobile purchase.

T-Mobile reveals cheapest 4G phone yet

Coming in at just $80 after mail-in rebate, T-Mobile's Exhibit 4G is one of the most accessible 4G devices yet.

HTC Sensation 4G coming June 15

The phone that T-Mobile claims is the "most powerful smartphone" will be hitting stores in just a couple weeks.

AT&T faces uphill battle in T-Mobile acquisition case

In March, AT&T announced plans to purchase T-Mobile and almost immediately ran into problems from the FCC due to potential antitrust matters.

T-Mobile iPhone rumors grow teeth

Newly leaked photos show a white iPhone running on T-Mobile 3G service.

Half-baked Honeycomb hobbles T-Mobile's G-Slate

It seems as if Google's half-baked Honeycomb OS is hobbling T-Mobile's G-Slate tablet, which is due to hit the streets on Wednesday, April 20th.

HTC's Sensation is one tricked-out 4G smartphone

HTC has confirmed that its tricked-out Sensation smartphone will be hitting the hot streets - courtesy of T-Mobile - sometime this summer.

LG's glasses-free 3D tablet will come with 3D glasses

Even though the upcoming G-Slate tablet won't require the use of 3D glasses, it will come with a pair of glasses anyway.

AT&T's T-Mobile acquisition could stifle innovation

The chairman of the House subcommittee on communications and technology has expressed concern over AT&T's planned acquisition of T-Mobile.

Sprint, state of NY worried about AT&T T-Mobile merger

Rival mobile carrier as well as the state of New York have added to the list of entities that aren't too happy.

FCC takes stand on T-Mobile, AT&T merger

The regulatory committee that needs to approve the merger between T-Mobile and AT&T may give the companies a hard time, due to potential antitrust concerns.