Consumers overwhelmingly want phablets

Would you find a need for a tablet if your phone was almost as big as one?

Text-to-donate faces problems for Obama, Romney

The emerging market of text-to-pay isn't quite set up for presidential politics.

T-Mobile solidifies Galaxy S III details

The T-Mobile version of Samsung's Galaxy S III will be the most expensive in the US.

Samsung Galaxy S III to hit all major carriers

The Galaxy S III will go against the traditional mobile mold and soon be available on every major carrier in the US.

Sprint to sever Nextel network next year: report

The "Nextel" part of Sprint Nextel will officially be a thing of the past by around this time next year.

Isis solidifies retail partnerships

It's time for mobile payments to fully get underway.

T-Mobile, Sprint and others join to fight Verizon spectrum deal

A new coalition including mobile operators, trade associations and campaign groups has formed to try and stop Verizon Wireless from buying more mobile spectrum.

T-Mobile reportedly mulling MetroPCS merger

It's back to the drawing board for T-Mobile in the world of corporate acquisitions.

Nokia Lumia 900 can be purchased for $49

The new, higher-end version of Nokia's Lumia phone is now available for just $49 on Amazon.

T-Mobile Galaxy S II finishes Ice Cream Sandwich update

After a long delay, Samsung's Galaxy S II line is getting the newest version of Android.

Samsung Galaxy Note heading to T-Mobile: rumor

The giant phone that has been referred to as a "phablet" (phone + tablet) may soon have two homes.

T-Mobile to cut 1900 employees

The workforce of lagging mobile carrier T-Mobile is about to be slashed by around 5%.

AT&T makes data throttling more transparent

AT&T is now telling its customers for the first time when their "unlimited" data will be slowed down.

T-Mobile kills mobile 2G data

In a mobile climate where smartphones are more about connecting to e-mail, instant messaging, and apps than it is about making calls, is there room for a slow mobile Internet infrastructure from the past?

Nokia's first Windows Phone launches in US

The Nokia Lumia 710, powered by T-Mobile, launches today in the US.

AT&T T-Mobile deal is officially dead

Just hours after a report surfaced about AT&T coming to the realization that the T-Mobile buyout would likely never be approved, the carrier decided to announce it would no longer pursue the deal.

Report: AT&T admits T-Mobile deal is unlikely

AT&T might finally realize it's time to wake up and smell the coffee - the carrier has reportedly been stepping down its efforts to push the T-Mobile buyout deal through.

Windows Phone-powered Nokia phone to debut on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is finally back in the spotlight again as the flagship carrier to offer a Windows Phone-powered Nokia handset in the US.

Nokia to debut first US Windows Phone tonight

After gaining a good deal of traction in Europe, Nokia is now ready to unveil its flagship Windows Phone-powered product to the States.

Are kids fed up with their iPhones?

Nokia apparently believes kids are fed up with Apple's wildly popular iPhone. If you ask me, this controversial claim is incredibly reminiscent of Steve Ballmer insisting the iPhone would have no real chance of succeeding in the mobile market.