10 facts that prove Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5

We have facts, people. Unassailable truths that justify sneering at iPhone lovers and the bourgeoise followers that trail them.

Nokia Lumia 521 runs Windows Phone 8 for $150, sans contract

You might be thinking $150 for a smartphone running Microsoft's mobile Windows Phone 8 operating system isn't really all that cheap.

T-mobile to end smartphone subsidies

T- Mobile USA has decided to bite the hand that feeds it, moving away from offering its customers smartphone subsidies.

T-Mobile gets go-ahead for MetroPCS takeover

T-Mobile has been given federal permission for its acquisition of MetroPCS, with approval from both the Department of justice and the Federal Communications Commission.

No contract, no data limit: T-Mobile launches new 4G plan

T-Mobile has launched an unlimited, no-contract 4G data plan for $70 per month, allowing pre-pay customers to take advantage for the first time.

T-Mobile promises Apple devices next year

T-Mobile has revealed that it's signed a deal with Apple, making it likely that the company will start offering the iPhone and iPad next year.

Carriers open up networks in wake of hurricane

AT&T and T-Mobile are opening their New York and New Jersey networks to each other's users to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

It's finally here: Isis debuts

After months of delays and disruptions in the market that made analysts wonder if it would ever materialize, Isis has finally launched.

MetroPCS shareholders attempt to block T-Mobile merger

MetroPCS shareholders have filed a lawsuit attempting to block the company's merger with T-Mobile USA, claiming that MetroPCS's board members are simply trying to line their own pockets.

T-Mobile promises big things with LTE

T-Mobile is finally getting on the LTE bandwagon.

MetroPCS and T-Mobile approve merger: report

It looks like T-Mobile is finally going to merge with another company.

T-Mobile to go after iPhone owners

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

T-Mobile's unlimited 4G returns

In a world where mobile data is increasingly throttled, T-Mobile is taking an interesting direction.

Radio Shack's own mobile network launches

The next time you go into Radio Shack, expect to store to try peddling you its own mobile service.

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab goes to Android 4.0

The T-Mobile version of Samsung's flagship tablet finally has Ice Cream Sandwich.

T-Mobile unlikely to have iPhone 5

T-Mobile has issued a memo telling employees to "sell against the iPhone."

Radio Shack mobile carrier rumors intensify

Internal Radio Shack information shows that the company is planning its own mobile network.

T-Mobile planning unlimited 4G plan

T-Mobile is taking a refreshing step in the opposite direction of its competitors when it comes to mobile data.

Radio Shack wants to be its own mobile carrier

After hocking other company's mobile service plans for years, Radio Shack thinks it can step into the game and compete directly with the big boys.

Android Jelly Bean comes to G1, sort of

It's been four years since the very first Android phone was released, and it looks like it can still play with the new kids on the block.