Ender's Game plot details are in the wild

Summit Entertainment has posted the synopsis for its upcoming sci-fi adaptation.

Thor: The Dark World plot revealed

Marvel Studios has finally published the long-form synopsis for its upcoming super hero sequel.

Stephen King details Dr. Sleep

Stephen King has revealed a plot synopsis and release date for his upcoming sequel to The Shining.

Oblivion Synopsis repairs the drone

Universal Studios has released an official (updated) synopsis for its upcoming science fiction adventure.

New details surface for Man of Steel

We’ve heard very little about the new Superman movie over the past six months. Occasional rumours about plot points or supposed set leaks have surfaced, but substantial news was absent since filming kicked off in the winter.

Dredd will be trapped in a highrise

The long-form synopsis for the new Judge Dredd adaptation is out. Warning: Spoilers inside.

Monty Python writes a sci-fi comedy

Monty Python, the celebrated absurdist comedy troupe from the UK, hasn’t created anything together in some time.

The River trailer and synopsis go live

ABC has finally dished up some information on its upcoming new series dubbed The River.

Akira synopsis is a stunning disappointment

The Akira synopsis confirms the core story has been completely altered from its original, as the experiment is the only element retained. In addition, character names have not been changed to reflect their new nationality.