Nokia looking at Windows Phone 7, the world crumbles

For almost 30 years, Nokia has been a leader in the mobile phone market and has exclusively used its own internally developed software to power them. But now, that's changing.

Smartphone malware at an all-time high

PC and Mac users are more educated than ever about viruses and phishing attacks, so what's a hacker to do? Turn his attention to smartphones, of course.

Nokia delays next-gen E7 phone

Nokia's hope to regain some relevance in the post-iPhone, post-Android mobile world has just taken another blow as the company decided to push back the release of its coveted E7 smartphone to next year.

Opinion: EU wastes millions keeping Symbian afloat

Certain EU member states routinely pump funds into despotic regimes and cavort with arch terrorists. But it seems as if there is now an important new item on the agenda: keeping Symbian afloat.

Nokia expands Symbian^3 lineup with C7 phone

Nokia has launched a new high-end smartphone on its latest operating system that promises to be sexy, socially connected, and worthy of a spot alongside Android and iPhone.

Samsung axes Symbian support, Nokia closer to death

Okay, so maybe this won't exactly lead to the demise of the global giant Nokia, but it certainly isn't good news that Samsung will no longer support the Symbian operating system.

Nokia's hopeful savior, the N8 phone, begins shipping

The N8 phone, which Nokia says is its most pre-ordered device ever, is now heading to customers and retailers across the country.

Sony Ericsson axes Symbian from smartphone lineup

Sony Ericsson has unceremoniously axed Symbian's rapidly declining OS from its future smartphone lineup.

Nokia exec hella hates Android

Outgoing Nokia exec Anssi Vanjoki hella hates Android and doesn't plan on using the popular mobile OS anytime soon.

Nokia's N8 ship date slides back

Nokia's warning customers that the N8 - launched only last week - will ship later than expected.

Nokia launches four Symbian^3 smartphones

Nokia's mobile head Anssi Vanjoki may have quit, but that didn't stop him appearing at the Nokia World conference to announce four new Symbian^3 smartphones as his final swan song.

Yes, Windows Phone 7 is doomed

Windows Phone 7 may not fail as utterly as the hipster-oriented Kin. But the overhyped smartphone platform is doomed nonetheless.

Can Android triumph over Symbian?

By 2014, the worldwide mobile operating system (OS) market is likely to be dominated by Symbian and Android - with the two OSs accounting for approximately 59.8 percent of mobile sales.

Nokia appoints former Microsoft guy as new CEO, experts worry

Nokia has crowned Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft employee and someone with a strong knowledge of the US software market, as its newest chief executive officer. However, the headlines aren't all hearts and roses for Elop.

Can Android maintain its accelerated momentum?

Android is currently the fastest growing operating system in the mobile sphere. But can Google’s popular OS maintain its accelerated momentum and fend off challenges from iOS and Symbian?

Nokia wants to be relevant again with E7 phone

Nokia is preparing for a global media event next week, where it will reportedly unveil a number of new smartphones to compete with Android and the iPhone. The first known device will be called the E7.

Symbian unimpressed with Android

The Symbian Foundation continues to wonder why everyone is making such a fuss over Google's popular mobile Android operating system.

200,000 Android smartphones activated per day

Did you know that at least 200,000 Android smartphones are activated on a daily basis?

Is Symbian a lost cause?

Can Symbian effectively compete against other popular mobile operating systems such as iOS4 and Android?

Fring enables cross-platform video calling on the iPhone 4

Are you unimpressed with Apple’s overly-hyped and rather restrictive FaceTime feature for the iPhone 4?