Rambo the Game is Coming

Several years back on TGD, we wrote about the return of Rambo…not on the silver screen, but to gaming. And frankly we were surprised at the response the story got. Apparently there’s a lot of people who want a Rambo video game, and he’s a great choice for a first person shooter. 

Rambo returns to the video game world

Some time back on TG, we reported on the development of a Rambo video game, and we were quite surprised at how much people were interested in reading about it.  

Why Rocky's still a winner

When a friend of mine and I were talking about classic 70's movies, Rocky inevitably came up, and my friend said, "It gets better and better every year." 

Don't fear Judge Dredd redux

The first big screen adaptation of Judge Dredd starred Hollywood veteran Sylvester ("I am the law!!!") Stallone and was considered somewhat of a disaster.

Rocky - the musical?!

Rocky pretty much came out of nowhere and made a star out of Sylvester Stallone overnight, marking an incredible moment in 70's pop culture history.

Can you dig it? The director of The Warriors is back

With Scarface on the verge of its Blu-Ray release, many have said we have the hip-hop community to thank for keeping the film alive for so many years.