Swarm satellites head for new heights

Some tricky maneuvers are now under way to steer ESA’s trio of Swarm satellites into their respective orbits so that they can start delivering the best-ever survey of our magnetic field.

Swarm Mission Control ready for triple launch

After months of intensive training, the Swarm mission control team are ready for liftoff on Friday. The team will carefully shepherd the trio of magnetic explorers through their critical launch and early orbit phase, ready to react to any problem. The data from this new mission, planned to last four years, will be used to study the mysteries of Earth’s magnetic field, its interactions with the solar wind and relation to global change.

Video: Robot droplets - a liquid swarm that thinks

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…swarm of ping pong balls?

Satellite swarm could blast away asteroids

Scottish engineers have come up with a new way of dealing with asteroids that threaten the Earth - firing lasers at them from a swarm of small satellites flying in formation.

Video: Nano quadcopters swarm in GRASP Lab

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have successfully coordinated the flight patterns of a number of small quadcopters. 

Mini robots hook up to fly in a swarm

A team at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich has developed intelligent robots that can dock with each other and fly in a swarm.