Mercedes SUV of tomorrow powered by fuel cells

Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 - Mercedes Benz is showcasing a concept 2025 G-Class SUV.

Nissan TeRRA SUV a fuel cell future ride

With the 2012 Paris Motor Show coming up at the end of September, automakers have begun to tease the new vehicles and concepts they'll be showcasing at the event. 

Porsche teases Macan SUV

When we think of the name Porsche, what generally comes to mind is sports cars and racing.

Tesla racks up $40 million in Model X reservations

Last week Tesla unveiled its third all-electric vehicle. Dubbed Model X, the coolest part of the SUV's design, at least in my opinion, is the slick gull-wing doors on the rear of the vehicle.

Real-life 'Frogger' pwned and owned by SUV

Hot damn, we may have to resurrect the Darwin Awards for this one! 

That’s right folks, a South Carolina man was recently hit by an SUV while playing a real-life version of the classic video-game known as "Frogger."

The SUV that turns into a helicopter

AVX Aircraft company has designed an SUV that can change into a helicopter in seconds, and has submitted the design to Darpa.