Claim: Internet's backbone can be made more sustainable

Most big data centers, the global backbone of the Internet, could slash their greenhouse gas emissions by 88 percent by switching to efficient, off-the-shelf equipment and improving energy management, according to new research.

A sustainable net zero hotel - in the desert!?

It wasn’t so long ago we brought you word of Chengdu Tianfu District Great City, a green “city within a city” planned for Chengdu, China.

Report: Algae biofuels not yet sustainable

Significant progress has been made on producing electricity sustainably, but cracking the clean transportation fuel nut continues to be a challenge.

In search of sustainable energy

Talk about a buzz kill: A team of MBA students has found that fuzzy and often misguided policy, technical roadblocks, affordability issues and out-of-tune leadership all add up to a challenging landscape for investment in sustainable energy.