Applied gets approval for giant solar panels

Equipment manufacturer Applied Materials said it's got approval for giant photovoltaic modules from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Sea-level rise threatens northeastern US cities

Melting of the Greenland ice sheet this century may threaten the northeast US and Canada much more than previously thought.

Nanophotovoltaic devices will be used in cancer treatment

Solar firm Spire said it is to branch out into making nanophotovoltaic devices and has secured a patent for its technology.

Scientists plan to relocate species

As climate change destroys habitats, scientists have been considering relocating species into more suitable environments but have been put off by fears of damaging the new ecosystem. Now, a group of researchers has come up with a tool to evalauate the potential success of such managed relocation.

GM goes green with hybrid Hummer

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em: General Motors is launching an electric Hummer claimed to produce near-zero emissions.

Australia plans world's largest solar power plant

Australia is planning to build the world's largest solar power station, with three times the generating capacity of the California plant that has been the biggest to date.

Magnets to enable green refrigerators?

Researchers claim they have found a way to create new technology concepts for two of the most power hungry appliances in our homes – refrigerators and air conditioners. Future cooling devices could utilize water cooling and magnets.

Research promises cheaper flat-panel displays

UCLA researchers have developed a new, single-step method for producing transparent conductors, which may herald cheaper, more powerful electronic devices and flexible solar cells that could be incorporated into drapes. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - UCLA researchers have developed a new, single-step method for producing transparent conductors, which may herald cheaper, more powerful electronic devices and flexible solar cells that could be incorporated into drapes.

Solar cells eclipsed by credit crunch

The credit crunch has put an end to the glory days of photo voltaic panels as the bottom drops out of the entire semiconductor market and governments have slashed subsidies on their citizens installing units.

Giant 'sea snake' harvests wave power

A rubber wave power machine that looks like a giant swimming sea snake could soon be generating enough power for 50,000 homes in the UK.

EPA details renewable fuel strategy, reaching 36 billion gallons by 2012

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added some details to its strategy for increasing the supply of renewable fuels, mandated by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Hypocritical Yahoo hosts human rights summit

Yahoo is currently hosting a summit on business and human rights at its Sunnyvale campus. Journalists and social entrepreneurs from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are expected to discuss how they have used the Internet and social media to "support free expression and drive social change."

Google gets my Goat

The company which can do no evil has hired a creature associated with the devil to mow its lawn.

Chinese officials told they must smoke

A Chinese province has ordered government officials to smoke cigarettes in a bid to fight the credit crunch.

Electric cars: the shocking truth

Opinion: Why electric and hybrid cars are an environmental dead-end.

Ford Fusion Hybrid hits 81.5 mpg

It isn’t really a secret anymore that Ford is proud of its Fusion Hybrid car and the fact that it is rated as the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered midsize sedan in North America, but we have to admit that the results of the most recent gas-mileage challenge is still impressive. Using a stock car and some techniques that improve fuel efficiency, the Fusion Hybrid ran 1445 miles on one tank of gas.

Apple not green, perhaps light green, in power purchases

Green comes in many different shades. And we know that companies exploit their green initiatives for marketing purposes in every way they can these days. Apple has not been known for being especially green so far and seems to be trailing the trend overall. That became somewhat apparent when we wrote about green power purchases yesterday and learned how the company ranks earlier today. We also have an update why Dell buys much more green power than it actually needs. 

Intel is the largest green power purchaser in the U.S.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greenest of them all? Yes, you have read the headline already and Intel can tout that no one else in this country buys more green power than the chip giant. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the nation’s top 50 purchasers are buying more than 11 billion kWh of green power annually, equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) that would be produced from the electricity use of more than 1.1 million average American homes.

Greenhouse gases rise despite economic slump

If there has been a silver lining to the cloud of economic depression hanging over the world, it has been the hope that a drop in fossil fuel use would have a beneficial effect on climate change. Unfortunately, it's just not working out that way.

Li-Ion battery won't sleep at night

One of the biggest problems in developing hybrid cars is the pesky lithium ion battery. The technical problems associated with the Li-Ion battery have plagued manufacturers almost forever - whether it's vendors selling notebooks or car companies attempting to green the planet.