UPDATED: Swiss develop cheaper, alternate Hybrid-like technology

 Swiss engineers believe they've developed an alternative, competitive technology to electric hybrids such as the popular Toyota Prius which could someday make hybrids more globally affordable. They are referring to something called a pneumatic hybrid.

UPDATE: Removing a major hurdle to wide acceptance of battery powered vehicles

Opinion - I had a thought yesterday. I was doing some research on future green technologies and something occurred to me. One of the limiting factors today in greener, battery-powered automobiles is their limited range. Another is expense. Most battery-only vehicles will get you about 75 miles, and hybrid solutions are very pricey. Still, 75 miles is enough to commute back and forth to work each day even with some extra driving thrown in. But, it's not really good for much else. So what's the solution? I think it might be an external, auxiliary source of power.

On the Campaign Trail: Green energy beginning to evoke the feelings of Americans

Opinion - The discussion and debate over the state of our nation’s energy independence is in full swing. The Republicans are taking an offensive approach and attacking the concepts that are involved in Obama’s energy plan. Unfortunately, John McCain isn’t doing such a great job at pronouncing his own energy plan’s name. With the concept of offshore drilling becoming more popular and more acceptable among the general public, it still has the candidates divided.