Microsoft financial results take a beating

Microsoft's 2013 fourth quarter and end of fiscal year results are not fun. On the surface of things, it is all about the Surface debacle. Not quite an MS Bob level tragedy, but everyone is ticked off about the whole thing: Microsoft, its partners, its investors, post-PC era, yadda, yadda, yadda.   

MS Surface tablets go worldwide

Redmond is expanding Surface RT and Surface Pro availability to a number of new markets, including major emerging economies. 

Analyst confirms Microsoft Surface RT sales are less-than-stellar

Microsoft has been having somewhat of a difficult time convincing the masses to abandon Android and Apple for its Surface RT tablet which is being heavily marketed both on TV and online.

Windows RT jailbreak automates a complex hack

It is unclear exactly how many Surface RT tablets Microsoft has managed to sell over the past few months, although we do know the modding community maintains a healthy interest in setting the device free from its factory-set shackles.   

Microsoft steps up Surface RT tablet efforts

Sales of Microsoft's Windows 8 RT tablet may be less-than-stellar, but Redmond remains determined to promote its flagship tablet in mainstream retail stores.

New iPad edges out Microsoft's Surface RT display

Analysts at DisplayMate recently published a tablet display shootout that pitted Microsoft's Surface RT against the retina-enabled Apple iPad, the iPad 2 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.

A closer look at Microsoft's Surface RT tablet

We've been aware of the hardware specs for Microsoft's indigenously designed Surface RT tablet for a few months now, and as of yesterday, we also know how much the device costs.

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet isn't $199

Windows 8 enthusiasts have been hoping for months that Microsoft would be offering its Surface RT tablet at a low price point, which would allow the device to more effectively compete against the plethora of Android tablets on the market.