Cities support more native biodiversity than previously thought

The rapid conversion of natural lands to cement-dominated urban centers is causing great losses in biodiversity. Yet, according to a new study involving 147 cities worldwide, surprisingly high numbers of plant and animal species persist and even flourish in urban environments — to the tune of hundreds of bird species and thousands of plant species in a single city.

Even the Business Software Alliance doesn't like SOPA any more

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is perceived as such a threat to liberty that one or its leading proponents has withdrawn support.

Public keen on geoengineering research

Most people believe that it's worth investing in geoengineering research, a new study has found.

IT support scam hits millions of users

An astonishing one in seven computer users may have received phone calls from scammers posing as support engineers, Microsoft is warning.

Oracle wins biggest-ever copyright infringement award

A jury has awarded Oracle $1.3 billion for copyright infringement from SAP after an 11-day federal court trial in California.

Facebook scraps IE6 support in effort to improve chat

Facebook has admitted that its Chat feature works less well than it should, and is promising a revamped version.

Microsoft ships American jobs overseas

WTF? Microsoft is sending jobs abroad in a new outsourcing deal and deserves to be teabagged.