New details surface for Man of Steel

We’ve heard very little about the new Superman movie over the past six months. Occasional rumours about plot points or supposed set leaks have surfaced, but substantial news was absent since filming kicked off in the winter.

The histories of Batman and Superman

The tales of Batman and Superman, from comics to billion dollar industries, offer rich, detailed histories that would provide a great and rewarding challenge for any writer. 

The man behind Bond and Superman

I've covered the craft of screenwriting for many years, and have always been rather fascinated by the role of the "script doctor" in Hollywood. 

Superman Beyond preview stops the car

DC has released a preview of the inside pages of its upcoming alternate future superhero comic Superman Beyond.

Superman and Captain America score big at movie auction

With the economy still down and out, it’s kind of difficult to imagine who’s got the cash to pay six figures for the camera that shot the first Star Wars movie. 

The Dark Knight gets rated

One can't help but wonder if there will ever be an R rated superhero movie released for the masses.

The stolen Man of Steel

It was a story that would make any self respecting geek shake his or her head. Yes, when Nicholas Cage became a big time movie star, he finally had the loot to buy a geekholy grail, the first issue of Superman.

Smallville continues - as a comic book

DC Entertainment has announced that Smallville: Season 11 will be part of this year's comic book line-up.

Leaked poster spoils Man of Steel details

An anonymous source has leaked an image of what appears to be a promotional poster for the upcoming Superman readaptation, Man of Steel.

How much is Spider-Man worth?

Last year, a first issue Superman originally stolen from Nicholas Cage was eventually recovered from a storage locker - with the comic ultimately selling at auction for $2.1 million.

Zod goes up against the Man of Steel

Yes, we all know there's another Superman in the works, a reboot called Man of Steel, and it's being made by Zack Snyder, who came on strong with 300, but came up short with Sucker Punch. 

The loneliness of The Avengers

We all know the old saying - it’s very lonely at the top.

First Superman comic sells for $2.1 million

It's the holy grail among comic fans, and only a select few can afford one, but the first issue of Action Comics, featuring the debut of Superman, just went up at auction, and sold for a record $2.1 million. 

The evolution of Marvel and DC

The major publishers of super hero comic books are clearly going through some steep transitions. There are ups and downs, and neither DC or Marvel is immune to woes.

Trailer for DC Nation goes live

Next year, Cartoon Network will be rolling out DC Nation, a block of programming based on the popular DC super hero comic book lines.

Cavill: Man of Steel is the New 52 Superman

Henry Cavill has confirmed that his portrayal of Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel is based on the recently modified character depicted in the DC relaunch.

Trailer released for Justice League: Doom

Warner Premier has released its official trailer for Justice League: Doom, the next animated film for the DC superhero franchise.

New 52 round up: The Top

Last month we saw an unprecedented marketing move from DC Comics. They relaunched and renumbered all of their superhero lines at once, revamping and reconfiguring almost every title.

The incredible reinvention of DC Comics

Even if you don't know jack about superheroes, you definitely know DC Comics, home of Batman and Superman.

The falling stories of Superman #1

Superman might be the most popular and well-recognized superhero of any publisher - not just DC.