Superman Unbound brings the machines

Warner Bros. has posted a trailer teasing its upcoming animated adaptation of the superhero.

The orientation of Spandex

I really wanted to like Spandex, I really did.

On the lucrative superhero business

With the success of The Avengers, it's really no big surprise that there are a number of superhero movies in the pipeline right now at the major studios.

Gay superheroes vs. one million moms

I can't believe how vocal the opponents of gay marriage have been lately, especially considering that we have far more important things to worry about in this country, like the economy being in the toilet, the environment, and the war in Afghanistan.

Faux superheroes gone wild

We all loved playing with lightsabers, so don't pretend you didn't, just thankfully no one caught us on tape like the Star Wars kid. 

Chronicle promotion hits Manhattan skies

Last week, observant New Yorkers saw what appeared to be men flying slowly overhead as a viral promotion for Chronicle, 20th Century Fox’s upcoming found-footage super hero film.

Green Arrow is not linked to Smallville

The CW’s take on Green Arrow won’t match the character already developed for Smallville.

Who can save us now?

"Who Can Save Us Now?" is edited by Owen King & John McNally and published by Simon & Schuster. The book is a fun collection of 22 stories that are all, at least loosely, tied into the superhero genre.