Who will direct Justice League?

Reports recently hit the web that Ben Affleck was up to direct the big screen version of Justice League.

Ben Affleck to direct Justice League?

As we've seen with the success of The Avengers, a number of potentially lucrative superhero team films are currently in the works, like Justice League.

The lucrative business of superheroes

The recession took down a lot of businesses, and movies got hit hard as well. 

But now with the economy slowly bouncing back, movies are breaking records at the box office, thanks to the help of superheroes.

Obscure superhero movies in the works

So you’re running a major studio and couldn’t get The Avengers. 

Well, hey, that’s no reason to rip your hair out over missing such a huge superhero goldmine, as there’s plenty of superheroes who have yet to make the big screen.

The Avengers are coming on strong

Joss Whedon's really on a roll these days, with Cabin in the Woods coming this weekend, which as a horror fan, I enjoyed enormously.

Syfy plans frakking new Battlestar Galactica spinoff

Frak! Syfy may be planning to create a new spinoff of the popular Battlestar Galactica series.