Intel wants ExaFLOPs performance by 2020

Intel VP Kirk Skaugen has outlined Santa Clara's vision of achieving ExaFLOP/s performance - a quintillion computer operations per second - by the end of this decade.

Japanese K system claims supercomputer crown

A Japanese system dubbed "K" has taken first place on the supercomputer TOP500 list announced today in Hamburg, Germany.

Apple's iPad 2 is as fast as a supercomputer from 1985

Hey now! Did you know that Apple's iPad 2 is as fast as a supercomputer from good ol' 1985?

Supercomputers think about clean energy

Twenty-five million hours of computer time? That's certainly a lot of CoD: Black Ops gaming!

Nvidia: US steadily losing supercomputer race

A high-ranking Nvidia exec has warned that "lackluster" investment in supercomputing could cause the US to lose its technological edge over China.

World's fastest supercomputer makes debut in China

China has knocked the US off the top spot with the unveiling of a the most powerful supercomputer in the  world.

DARPA redefines extreme supercomputing

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing an "ExtremeScale" supercomputer to overcome the "limitations" of current systems.

IBM supercomputer to compete in Jeopardy

One wonders how long most human contestants spend practising for an appearance on the quiz show Jeopardy!. It's probably not as long as IBM's Watson supercomputer, which is finally ready to play after three years' hard work.

china nears supercomputer top spot

Chinese computing power has leapfrogged Europe and Japan, with a new supercomputer ranked as the world's second fastest. 

Supercomputer project aims to simulate the whole world

In a sort of giant Sim game, scientists are planning to use some of the world's largest supercomputers to simulate all life on Earth, including the financial system, economies and whole societies.

OMG, $3 million computer market exploding

Some day, somewhere, someone will buy today's $3 million supercomputer for $19.95 and wear it on their wrist. In the meantime, we dazzle ourselves with IDC's HPC market research.

Milky Way mapping project hits one teraflop of power

The Milky Way@Home project - which ropes in home computer users to help map the galaxy - says its combined computing power has now overtaken the second-most-powerful supercomputer in the world.