Is Nintendo Facing a Hard Road on the Comeback Trail?

As we just reported on TGD, at least one publication feels that Nintendo could be the comeback kid this year in the video game world after some tough times. We think this could be a very good year for gaming, especially considering consoles have been selling like crazy over the Xmas holidays, and Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers was voted one of the best titles of 2013. 

A closer look at Hollywood's video game adaptations

I really hate to state the obvious, but video game movies are typically less-than-stellar.

Super Mario Bros exact launch date is unsolvable mystery

In a perfect example of just how fresh and new video games were just a couple decades ago, no one has a perfectly documented account of when the first copy of Super Mario Bros was sold.

Japanese Nintendo variety show getting revived for Christmas

Japan is full of awesome and zany stuff, and on Christmas Day we will all be reminded of that as a local TV station there will be reuniting the cast of a long-running variety show that was focused on video games and Nintendo.

Super Mario Bros turns 25 years old

On September 13, 1985, a little game called Super Mario Bros was released for the original Famicom system in Japan. 25 years later, few games have ever become as iconic.