NASA's Kepler discovers three super-Earth-size planets in "habitable zone"

NASA's Kepler mission has discovered two new planetary systems that include three super-Earth-size planets in the "habitable zone," the range of distance from a star where the surface temperature of an orbiting planet might be suitable for liquid water.

'Super-Earths' may not be so rocky after all

So-called super-Earths - rocky exoplanets much larger than our own - may actually be more like mini-Neptunes.

Magnetic shield could protect life on super-Earths

So-called super-Earth planets may have a magnetic shield that could protect any life present from harmful radiation, say researchers.

NASA detects light from super-Earth

NASA scientists have, for the first time, seen the light from a planet outside our solar system  that's a similar size to the Earth.

Life on 'habitable' exoplanet probably couldn't spread

Any life on the 'super-Earth' Gliese 581-d is unlikely to make it off the planet and onto others within its solar system.

First super-Earth atmosphere revealed

Astrophysicists have made the first measurements of the atmosphere of a 'super-Earth' planet known as GJ 1214b.