Super Bowl breaks Twitter records

Technically the New York Giants won the big game over the weekend, but Twitter was kind of a winner as well.

Waiting for The Hunger Games

A new trailer for The Hunger Games has gone live, which will be airing during Super Bowl Sunday on February 5. 

Super Bowl TV sales aren't that super

Thanks to a strong holiday season for TV manufacturers, there won't be as many big deals on HDTVs for Super Bowl season.

Black Eyed Peas to play Super Bowl for free

You really can't turn on the radio without hearing a Black Eyed Peas song. That's probably why the band commands up to $350,000 per concert and raked in an overwhelming $81.6 million from touring. That's also why the band is playing the Super Bowl... for free?

No 3D for Super Bowl XLV

Well, even though sporting events are the most widely broadcast 3D programming and ESPN 3D is now the only multi-carrier 24/7 3D channel available, there won't be any 3D broadcasts of the upcoming Super Bowl.