Video: Daredevil Felix Baumgartner jumps from over 96,000 feet up!

An Austrian daredevil named Felix Baumgartner has been working on an epic stunt in conjunction with Red Bull.

Google Glasses stunt video released

Google's Glasses augmented reality technology could be hitting the shelves in less than two years' time, with the company today releasing a video of a drmatic set of stunts as viewed by the people taking part.

Kite surfer 'can walk on water'

The latest stunt from drinks manufacturer Red Bull has seen a man walking on water.

Balloon stunt blows up in game developer's face

A PR stunt went badly wrong for games developer THQ this week when a mass balloon release caused outrage amongst environmentalists.

RIM wants to know what you love

Surely this is asking for trouble: RIM has announced plans to create a BlackBerry two storeys high, and wants the public to send it messages for display.